Fleet trial

FTS developed a consortium and submitted a successful £10.7m funding bid to the Technology Strategy Board. Led by Nissan Technical Centre Europe and managed by FTS, the project supported the development of vehicles by Smith Electric, AVID GROUP and Liberty Electric Vehicles then delivered a 2 year filed trial including a fleet of Nissan Leafs and Peugeot ions. The project accelerated the deployment of EVs in the UK and used data loggers to collect valuable vehicle performance and driver behaviour data.

Charging infrastructure development

FTS developed a consortium and submitted a successful £3.7m funding bid to the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for Plugged in Places funding to develop an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the East of England. The project led to the creation of EValu8-Transport Innovations, a spin out from the University of Hertfordshire who led the project. The project delivered the Source East infrastructure of XX charge points distributed across the East of England.

Managed charging

FTS worked with a private client to develop a sophisticated large scale trial designed to test the potential value of planning and controlling the charging of electric vehicles.

International research and strategy

FTS worked with a private client to benchmark international EV charging propositions and develop a strategy for developing the global roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and an associated high value service proposition.

Vehicle to grid

FTS was contracted by a consortium of Scottish & Southern Electric, Scottish Power, Western Power Distribution and UK Power Networks to develop and trial a proof of concept V2G enabled vehicle to test the benefits of V2G functionality for distribution network operators. This involved the development of an onboard conversion to provide AC discharge, an adapted V2G enabled charge point and a back office control system.

Energy storage

FTS developed a consortium and submitted a successful tender to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to develop a proof of concept energy storage system that uses second life EV batteries. This EVEREST system provides grid support for electric vehicle charging. The project was led by EValu8-TI while FTS provided project management and technical leadership. Other partners included Lotus Engineering, Goodwolf Energy, APT Technologies and Circontrol.
FTS now operates the system as a Research & Development facility and is commercialising the technology.

Energy storage

FTS led the development of a successful £1.2m funding application to Innovate UK to further develop the energy storage system, create an operating back office and test the system on a site incorporating a commercial building, EV charging and on-site renewable. The consortium is led by EDF and also includes RouteMonkey.