To build the business, our strategy has been to develop a solid team of experienced professionals who can provide expertise, meet deliverables and manage risk. Typically our projects involve a number of partners and suppliers upon whose expertise we call as and when required. We value reliable organisations with whom we can develop long term relationships.


Renault is working closely with FTS supporting the development of static energy storage systems based on new and second life electric vehicle battery technologies.

EDF Energy

“EDF Energy R&D UK Centre is excited to be working with FTS on the development of storage technology. Our research to date has suggested there may be many commercial and domestic applications for such a unit. We look forward to developing a productive and enduring partnership.”

Jean-Benoit Ritz, Director EDF Energy R&D UK Centre

Circutor & Circontrol

Circontrol and Circutor have worked with FTS on several projects where they have provided technical, product and research and development support for smart charging, V2G and energy storage projects.

Goodwolfe Energy

Goodwolfe Energy provide technical expertise in relation to battery performance, degradation and verification.