Connected Energy Storage

Connected Energy

FTS undertakes internal research and development that is funded from internal and other public and private sources. Connected Energy has been set up to commercialise these developments.


Energy Storage

FTS has developed a range of energy storage systems that use new and second life lithium ion electric vehicle batteries. The systems have been developed for a range of applications including:

• Grid support for electric vehicle charging
• Behind the meter energy/power optimisation for commercial buildings
• Power sources for remote sites
• Optimisation for small to medium scale renewable generation

Our energy storage systems are controlled and optimised at a site and portfolio level by our Shoaling management system. Using Shoaling we can set operating parameters that cause the storage unit to respond to a hierarchy of commercial and technical requests. In so doing the unit can be used to manage peak loads, respond to tariff structures, optimise on site use of renewable generation and provide balancing services to the grid. Capturing multiple value streams creates the best business case and to achieve this we offer an operating service.


Our products and services are commercialised via our sister company Connected Energy. More detail about our products and services can be found on the Connected Energy website.