About Us

About Us

Founded in 2009, FTS has delivered some of Europe’s leading EV related projects including major EV fleet trials, infrastructure strategies, business case and technology development and deployment. We are passionate about working with clients to progress innovation and implementation of the low carbon agenda.

Recently, much of our time has focussed on managing the relationship between electric vehicles and the grid, this has resulted in us developing and commercialising energy storage systems to support electric vehicle charging, V2G operation and managed charging systems.

With senior members of our team converging from the automotive, energy and mobility sectors we recognised that some form of management would be required if the grid was not to be disrupted by an expanding fleet of electric vehicles. In fact, if correctly managed, the energy management potential of electric vehicles should be an asset for the energy sector to harness.

We believe very strongly that electric vehicles and other forms of energy storage will be key components in smarter grid operation.

We work with clients and partners in the energy, automotive, public and commercial sectors to help develop and deliver innovate in practical solutions.